By Joyce Brandt, June 20, 2016
Love your book, rate it up there with Lee Child's books. You are blessed with a talent, hope you continue with Charlie Bascomb. I look forward to a future encounter with Charlie!


​An excerpt from Chapter 6 of NEED TO KNOW.

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Another killer thriller novel

By Russ Heitz on June 19, 2016

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After a cozy dinner with his beautiful wife Sarah in their fashionable home in the northwest corner of Washington, D.C., Colonel Charlie Bascomb goes for a leisurely jog through Rock Creek Park. The jog turns into a life and death situation as two muggers threaten Charlie with a knife and a gun. And from there, Charlie Bascomb's life is plunged into a complex series of challenging circumstances in settings such as Miami, Venezuela, Ohio, the Gulf of Oman, and the Florida cracker town of Moonshine Corners.

Retired Marine and now an independent crime fighter with a hand-picked crew and all the right connections, Charlie is soon up to his gluteus in mayhem and bedlam of all sorts. Drug cartels, human smuggling, offshore bank accounts, fast boats, murder, arson, robbery, torture, and kidnapping. An Islamic terrorist also appears, armed with a rocket launcher and determined to demolish the White House with the President in it.

Following the pattern of all good thriller novels, "Need to Know" rockets the reader along with barely enough pauses to catch one's breath. Nevertheless, despite a plot that is filled with twists and turns and multiple convolutions, DiGruttolo manages to keep things under control. Better yet, he also manages to tie up all the loose ends by the time the story concludes.

The only question left is: when can we expect the NEXT Charlie Bascomb adventure?

Russ Heitz

An excerpt from Chapter 43 of NEED TO KNOW.


Rodney DiGruttolo 

author of

Snakes, Spiders and Palmetto Bugs



a Charlie Bascomb Adventure


Men like Charlie Bascomb seem to come forward when they're needed. Thank God for them. It's not unusual for them to team up with like-minded men and women and bring out the best in all they meet. This book was inspired by such a man. He is no longer with us as he made the ultimate sacrifice over 60 years ago. Knowing him made such an impression on me, I've not forgotten him nor will I ever. His dedication to right and honesty will always be unparalleled in my mind. Rest easy and watch over your flock.

​​He can’t breathe; his arms lose their strength, dropping to his side they fail to respond as he tries to reach his assailant. Strength leaves his legs and he crumples to the ground in the shadows in the courtyard. Save for the drone of distant traffic, silence reigns. A dark hand plucks the room key from the dead deputy’s uniform trousers.​

Electricity arcs from sky to earth on jagged pillars of blue-white light. Each flash precedes a soul-shaking thunderclap. Dishes rattle in cupboards and threaten to spill to the floor.With only milliseconds between lightning bolt and thunderclap the storm crashes upon the lake shore. The heart of the storm boils overhead chasing white ribbons of foam across the lake surface ahead of the deluge.