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Ernie Ovitz

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Ernie Ovitz at egovitz@gmail.com,

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Ed Ellis at edellis20@gmail.com.


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What About Writing Groups

Writing groups are diverse and few groups fulfill the wants and needs of every writer.

Established authors more often than not prefer to associate with those who have skills better honed and suited to extensive discussions on the craft of writing.

Budding authors strive to better their work and make it saleable or appealing to agents and publishers. One way of doing that is to work with other authors with credentials and ideas more finely tuned. Being open to different genres and subjects bring a better understanding of how much work and skill it takes to produce a story, poem, article or even develop and idea to begin writing.

Groups such as the Florida Writers Association, with whom we are affiliated, strive to bring writers of all experience levels and genres together. Our membership is fluid in that we live and work in a near resort setting in Sarasota, Florida. Members spend winter months here and return to the likes of Maine, New Hampshire, Ohio, New York and many other places in the summer months. Some retreat from the heat of the summer to mountain resorts but one thing they all do is keep on writing.

At our last meeting the attendance numbered nineteen writers with two of them being first time attendees.

We follow a loose agenda and unless a speaker or program is scheduled in advance, we often take off on a tangent addressing a problem or problems one or more of the attendees are facing. The motto of the group is WRITERS HELPING WRITERS and we do just that. One meeting a writer introduced a new character and was having some difficulty making him seem real. The author was a female and was unsure as how to address some issues in a way a male might. In that instance approximately twenty writers were in attendance. The inquiring writer received suggestions from nineteen different sources, ten of them male.

Each week we set aside some time for writers to read portions of their work. The group offers suggestions, asks questions and gives a review for the writer to ponder. On nights with a scheduled program, we often have the reading session in the final half-hour of the meeting. In better than ninety percent of the cases the presenter, a publisher, agent, established writer or editor will stay and give professional critique and offer suggestions for bettering the piece.

Our group is somewhat unique in that many of our members are published authors, poets and journalists. We have two instructors from local colleges who attend regularly and offer great insight into the work presented for review. We have email and blog critique groups that do extensive critique and editing for no charge. Almost all the members will give of their time to help an aspiring author. Some do provide professional services such as copy editing, content editing and help with staging your stories.

Look for a group in your area if you need help and remember there are numerous online groups that can help you too.